Your equipment new again in the shortest time frame!

Tectronica repairs equipment that present manufacturing problems under the warranty period and that fit the following requisitions:

Important: specifically for the Audio-Technica brand, Tectrônica is Authorized Service Center only for Audio-Professional equipments.

We need only 5 working days to service your equipment under warranty, however it can change due to the availability of parts in our stock. As we work only with original OEM parts supplied by the manufacturers, sometimes there may be a little delay in delivery due to freight, customs etc. It may delay the delivery of your equipment. As it's very rare, when it happens customers are informed by phone and the case is considered a high priority issue.


The invoice must come as REMESSA PARA CONSERTO and contain the following information:
Razão Social: Tectrônica Com. de Comp. Eletrônicos e Serviços Ltda - EPP
CNPJ: 54.749.767/0001-47 - Inscrição Estadual: 148342533116
Endereço: R. Galatéa, 1360  Bairro: Carandiru / CEP:02068-000 - São Paulo  -SP
CFOP: 5915 (Shipping from within the State of São Paulo)
CFOP: 6915 (Shipping from outside the State of São Paulo)
Please indicate in the invoice personal information of the sender (name, address, phone, email, id) and the problem with the equipment.

The freight is in charge to the sender and in the invoice there must be FRETE POR CONTA DO EMITENTE.
Equipment with invoices addressed to Pride Music, Royal Music or Tectrônica with FRETE POR CONTA DO DESTINATÁRIO, will be returned. For all services, sender must pay delivery and return freights.