Over 30 years of experience in making your equipment new again!

Tectronica, began in August 20th, 1985 at the street Joaquim de Almeida in Mirandópolis neighborhood, São Paulo. Initially, the company was specialized in repair of multi-brand electronic equipment, both home use and professional.

Back in the days, the popular equipment were VCRs, VHS and BETAMAX, IBM PC XT computers and wireless phones with their huge antennas. There were also Tube Color TVs and vintage automatic record players.

In 1995, Tectronica joined Pride Music in a partnership to later become the authorized service center for the brands imported by the company. The first brand which Tectronica served as authorized service center was the manufacturer of keyboards ENSONIQ, a very famous company at the time.

After ENSONIQ, other brands joined the team and Tectronica became the authorized service center of brands such as Marshall, Digitech, Fender, JBL, Electro Voice, Mackie, Klark Technic, Midas, Gallien-Kruegger, Genelec, QSC and many others.

In 1998, we became Shure Authorized Service Center. That was indeed a big step, as we started to service products of one of the biggest microphone companies in the world! In 2000, we became Korg Authorized Service Center. Another big step, as Korg is a top three keyboard company in the market, loved and respected by millions of people all around the world.

The partnership between Pride Music and Tectrônica keeps integrating more and more users and equipments. With our expertise and cutting edge technology walking together, we can offer excellence in service to customers all over the country. We attend all the brands imported by Pride Music and Royal Music as Authorized Service Center and we currently offer tech support to over 20 other service centers certified by us to attend customers in the most important cities in Brazil.

Offer a trustworthy and reliable relationship with our customers through state of art technology, unique customer service and very qualified professionals. Give back the equipments its original capabilities using exclusively original parts and working restrictedly under manufacturer recommended procedures.

Be a reference in technology, service, customer service and relation with our customers. Be acknowledged as a company that takes part in the growth of our customers.

Respect for people, ethics, high performance, trustworthy relationship with customer, honesty and quality.