Service Fee
Diagnostics for free and quickly because we understand your event can't wait!

Diagnostics in the shortest time on the market!

We know how important your equipment is for you and for your show or event, but sometimes it's not easy and quick to diagnose what's causing the problem in the equipment. To make sure you're equipment will be properly and quickly fixed it's necessary to find the exact reason of the problem. Our technicians were trained by the manufacturers and need only few working days to precisely diagnose what's causing the problem in your equipment. After you authorize, we will fix your equipment and let it ready to be used as soon as possible. If you don't authorize us to service your equipment, we need only 1 working day to close the equipment and let it ready to go.

Diagnostic = no fee

Unlike most companies in our market, we don't charge you to diagnose the problem in your equipment. We are glad that you trusted us to service your equipment and that's the way we can thank you: no fee to diagnose. Yet, we offer several payment types and options with installments that fit your needs.
To send us your equipment, please follow the same procedure as "under warranty" products (check here).


Only Original Imported Parts

We work only with original parts imported directly from the manufacturers. Unfortunately, it raises the final cost a little compared to companies that work with used and national parts. However, the quality and reliability of original imported parts is way higher offering the lowest return rates and 100% compatibility with the equipment.